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Here is a resumé of the items we can print with your logo :


How long does it take  ?

It takes on average 4 to 6 weeks once you have given your OK to the copy proof ( “BAT” Bon à Tirer)

Place your order as soon as possible.


How many pieces  ?

The minimum depends on the kind of items.

For stickers/sticky labels as big as a post card or bigger, the minimum is 1.000 pieces.
For a smaller size, the minimum is 3.000 labels.

How to get a quotation    ?

Just send us an e-mail boulerouge[@] with an attached PDF file with your logo/design as you would like it to be printed.

Our products :


.Paper bags with a handle

– 500 pieces minimum


.Plastic carrier bags

– 5.000 pieces minimum


.Decorative Ribbons

– 5 rolls of 100 meters for satin

– 5 rolls of 500 meters for ribbon


.Tissue paper

– 15.000 sheets  50×75 cm

– Other sizes please ask us


.Sticky labels / Stickers

– 3.000 pieces minimum for a size smaller than a post card
– 1.000 pieces for a size of a post card or bigger


.Transparent sleeves with or without adhesive

– 10.000 pieces minimum


.Paper bags (no handles)

– 5.000 bags min. depending on size

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